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Yucheng Jinhe Industrial Co.,Ltd

Yucheng Jinhe Industrial Co.,Ltd


Yucheng Jinhe Industrial Co.,Ltd
About Us
Yucheng Jinhe Industrial Co Ltd which grew out of a history of more than 50 years of production Titanium Dioxide R A State owned enterprises Yucheng Titanium Dioxide Factory is an international corporation professional supplier of chemicals and related technical support Since the recombination of enterprise in 2003 Yucheng Jinhe Industrial Co Ltd we extended our manufacture line to more series pigments such as Carbon Black Iron Oxide and chrome pigments by share join brother factories Further more we also establish a reliable supply system in our last decades market work and get strong advantage on other chemicals supply we have special advantage on PVC Resin PVC paste Resin we are...

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Water Treatment


Anti-COVID 19 Product

Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride

Pharmaceutical Intermediate

Basic Chrome Sulphate

Potassium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydrosulfite


Propylene Glycol

Copper Sulphate

 Fumed Silica

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PricesPigmentos Para AcuarelaZinc Hydrogen PhosphatePigment Oxido De HierroPotassium Tetra OxalateWidely Used Sio2 PowderOXYDE DE FER ROUGE R180PVB Resin CompatibilityDupont Titanium DioxideOrganic Phosphoric Acidpolyvinyl chloride usesZinc Phophate 7779-90-0Iron OxideS129 For RoadZinc Phosphate ShanghaiTransformer Anti StaticCarbon Black For RubberHydrogen Peroxide TescoBlack and Green PigmentZeolite Zsm CylindricalSodium Hydroxide FlakesSynthetic Red 130 Oxidecolor pigment for epoxycocamide diethanolamineGlacial Acetic Acid 99%Activated Carbon Powderhydrocarbon resin paintPlastik Kemasan ZeoliteOxalic Acid Cheap PriceAnti Static TransformerN330 Carbon Black PriceCAS 64-19-7 Acetic AcidPhosphoric Acid UkraniaPVC Gasket Raw Materialpetroleum resin hs codePVC Resin Newest PricesBasic Chromium SulphateChromium Green PigmentsBlack Pigment Oxide 750SLES 70% CAS 68585-34-2Pigment Oxide Black 722OXYDE DE FER YELLOW 722Foam Detergent CDEA 78%PVC Resin For PVC SheetPVC Resin For PackagingPAC 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PigmentLABSA 96% For Detergentdioctyl phthalate (dop)OXYDE DE FER ROUGE S686Poly Aluminium ChloridePool Sterilization SDICLABSA 96% Factory Pricebuy carbon black powderOXYDE DE FER BROWN S686petroleum resin c9 usesPigment Oxide Brown 686Flocculant Cationic PAMChrome Yellow For GlassDOP For PVC PlasticizerSupply Fumed Silica 200Rubber Use Carbon BlackTung Oil On Yellow PineSodium Hydroxide 99%MinPrimary Plasticizer DOP2-Amino-1 3 PropanediolHydrocarbon Resin PriceCitric Acid For TextileHot Melt Adhesive ResinBayer Pigment For MulchMethyl Propanediol 99.5Anatase And Rutile Tio2Granular Oxido PigmentoMethyl Propylene GlycolLabsa 96dodecyl BenzeneSodium Dithionite PriceOXYDE DE FER ROUGE 4130OXYDE DE FER ROUGE S640Conductive Carbon BlackOXYDE DE FER BROWN S640CLORURO DE POLIALUMINIOAluminium ALF3 FluoridePigment Green Oxide 835pvc uses and propertiesOXYDE DE FER BROWN 4130Carbon Black Price N220Molecular Sieve ZeoliteOXYDE DE FER ROUGE 4180Sodium TripolyphosphateIron Oxide Black Tp 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Alcohol Ether SulphateHydrated Chromium Oxide GreenSG5 PVC Resin For Water PipesTitanium Dioxide ManufacturesIron Oxide Yellow 313 PigmentWeak Organic Acid Citric AcidIron Oxide Red 4125 For PaintRed Pigment 190 Color PlasticSynthetic Iron Oxide Red 4180Propylene Glycol Phenyl EtherBasic Chromium Sulphate 25.0%Activated Carbon Water FilterSTPP 94% For Liquid DetergentRed Pigment Oxido Hierro 4130Anatase Titanium Dioxide A101Compound Iron Oxide Blue S463Sodium Dithionite Na2S2O4 88%Calcium Formate 98 For CementMethanoic Acid 90% Tech GradeMethanoic Acid 94% Tech GradeSodium Tripoly Phosphate STPPSodium Hydrosulfite 7775-14-6Pigment Black S640 Iron OxideWater Treatment Agent PAC 30%Oxido Hierro For Finish PaintPVC Paste Resin Cas 9002-86-2Pigmentos Para Polvo AcrilicoOxido De Hierro 130 For PaverYipin Oxido De Hierro Red 130Red Oxido De Hierro For BrickRed Pigment Oxido Hierro 4125Iron Oxide Red Concrete PaverCoating Usage Black Oxide 722Oxido Hierro For InterlockingPetroleum Resin C5 For RubberCaustic Soda Price In TextileOxido Hierro For Colored SandC5 For Hot Melt Adhesive GlueSodium Lauryl Sulfate SLS K12Rutile 216 Titanium For PaintVirginal PVC Resin SG5 PowderNutrients 85% Phosphoric AcidIron Oxide Red 4130 For PaintZeolite Powder Making Machinehydrocarbon resin applicationPhotocatalyst Nano Tio2 SprayTitanium Dioxide Anatase A100Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate 70Pigmento Oxido Hierro 4110 RedPET Resin IV 0.80 Bottle GradePolyvinyl Chloride Resin S-700PAC Polyaluminium Chloride 30%Anionic Polyacrylamide PAM 90%Povidone-Iodine CAS 25655-41-8Sulphur Black BR200% Black DyeCAS 25655-41-8 Povidone-IodineRed Pigmento Oxido Hierro 4180sodium tripolyphosphate adalahCarbon Black Prices for RubberPowder Sodium Hydrosulfite 90%Chrome Yellow For Printing InkCPAM For Enhanced Oil RecoveryDiisononyl Phthalate 99.5% Minhydrogen peroxide where to buySosa Caustica Caustic Soda 99%Castic Soda Flakes 99% CausticRutile Titanium Dioxide BLR895SODIUM LAURYL ETHER SULFATE70%Carbon Black Pigment for PaintSLES 70% For Emulsifying AgentCheap Price Iron Oxide Red 138Vat Dye Indigo Blue for CottonRed Oxido De Hierro From JinheAluminum Fluoride White PowderEDTA-4Na For Clean Water AgentPopular Pigment Red Iron OxideAliphatic Hydrocarbon C9 ResinIron Oxide Powder for PrintingPigmento Oxido Hierro 4100 RedTCCA Trichloroisocyanuric AcidOxido De Hierro 4130 For StoneYellow Poly Aluminium ChlorideSLS Vs SLES Bubble T CosmeticsCaustic Soda Flake In 25kg BagHydrogenated Hydrocarbon ResinIndustry Grade Phosphoric Acid3 Ply Disposable Earloop MasksPowder Pigment Blue Oxide S463Polyethylene Terephthalate PETTitanium Dioxide For TablewareColor Pigment Iron Oxide BlackIron Oxide For Concrete PavingIron Oxide S463 For RubbermatsDodecyl Benzene Sulphonic AcidSodium Lauryl Sulphate 93% 95%Titanium Dioxide Rutile R-2195sodium tripolyphosphate shrimpreliance pvc resin price todayIron Oxide Red 110 For CoatingLiquid POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE 48%Sodium Lauryl Sulphate SLS K12Titanium Dioxide Rutile R-2295Titanium Dioxide Rutile R-5395Price Hydrophilic Fumed SilicaTitanium Dioxide Rutile R-339525MT Carbon Black N330 In 40HCCarbon Black Factory N330 N660Titanium Dioxide Rutile R-5195Pigmento Oxido De Hierro Fe3O4Jinhe Pigmentos PersonalizadosSuspension Grade PVC Resin SG5Zhongtai Brand PVC Paste ResinTitanium Dioxide Rutile R-2595Liquid Reagent Acetonitrile 99Polyvinyl Chloride Paste ResinMud Viscosifier Chemical ACPAMThermoplastic Polyurethane TpuOrganic Pigments For CosmeticsPowder Titanium Dioxide RutileMethyl Cyanide Acetonitrile 99PAM For Oil-field And Drilling3D Lite Low Temp ThermoplasticPopular Overshoes Carbon BlackPaint Pigmento Oxido De HierroHydrocarbon Petroleum Resin C9CMC Used in Laundry DetergentsTitanium Dioxide Rutile SR2377White Pigment Titanium DioxideMicrocrystalline Cellulose GelFlocculant Polyacrylamide NPAM75% Food Grade Phosphoric AcidSilicon Dioxide 380 For RubberGood Price Powder Carbon BlackFumed Silica 380 For AdhesivesCarbon Black With High PigmentPaste Pvc Resin Emulsion GradeHydrophilic Fumed Silica 99.8%Beiyuan Brand PVC Resin PowderHydrophilic Fumed Silica PriceTitanium Dioxide NanoparticlesDiisononyl Phthalate Dinp 99.5Titanium Dioxide In ToothpastePhosphoric Acid Food Grade 75%Sodium CMC For For Tooth PasteIron Oxide Yellow For ConcreteFood Grade 75% Phosphoric AcidESO For Epoxy Reactive Diluentlinear alkyl benzene sulfonateTitanium Dioxide Rutile PowderTianye Brand PVC Resin SG3 SG5PVC Resin SG7 Suspension GradePVC Resin SG1 Suspension GradeSodium Aluminum Fluoride PricePVC Resin Suspension Grade SG5PVC Resin Suspension Grade SG3Titanium Dioxide Anatase PricePlastic Grade Titanium DioxideCaustic Soda Flakes and PearlsTyre Recycled Carbon Black UseIron Oxide Red Fe2o3 H130 S130Titanium Dioxide Anatase GradeYipin Granular Oxido De HierroChrome Basis Tanning Agent BCSYipin 4130 Red Oxide Low PriceIron Oxide 138 Colorant CementFerric Oxide Red 4110For PaintOxido De Hierro Yipin TerrazzoAnatase Grade Titanium DioxideIron Oxide Color Pigment MakerInorganic Carbon Black Pigmenthydrogen peroxide for cleaning25kg Bag Citric Acid Anhydratetrichloroisocyanuric acid poolCheap Synthetic Cryolite PriceBest Price Glacial Acetic AcidPhosphoric Acid Industry GradeGlacial Acetic Acid Food Grade99% Dioctyl Terephthalate DOTPIron Oxide As Colorant In CoatEnvironmental Plasticizer DOTPPetroleum Resin Cas 64742 16 1Phosphoric Acid 85% Food GradeBillions Titanium Dioxide R895Chromium Oxide Green 1308-38-9Food Grade 85% Phosphoric AcidPigment Of Carbon Black PowderCarbomer For Anti-bacteria GelZinc Phosphate State Of MatterNa5P3O10 Sodium Phosphate SaltZinc Phosphate Under CompositeTextile Leather UseFormic AcidCalcium Formate 98% For AnimalPET Chip For Carbonated BottleIndustry Grade Formic Acid 94%Zinc Phosphate Water TreatmentFurnace Carbon Black For ShoesIndustry Grade Formic Acid 85%pvc resin manufacturers in usaIndustry Grade Formic Acid 90%SLES N70 68891-38-3 SGS/BC/ISOPangang Group Titanium DioxideCosmetic Additive Carbomer 940glacial acetic acid percentageFormic Acid For Steel CleaningOxido De Hierro Dye In PlasticTransparent Liquid Formic AcidTitanium White For PVC PlasticCarbomer 940 CAS No. 9007-20-9poly aluminum chloride formulaOxido De Hierro Compound GreenSodium Caboxy Methyl Cellulosepet resin bottle grade hs codeIron Oxide Red Y101 For CementOxido De Hierro Chromium OxidePet Polyethylene TerephthalatePhosphate Zinc Protein CrystalTripolyphosphate For Detergentcoco diethanolamide in shampoo85% Orthophosphoric Acid PriceOrganic Pigment Pigment YellowWhite Powder Aluminum FluorideSLES 70% In Bubble Bath Liquidaluminium chloride hexahydrate85% Food Grade Phosphoric AcidCleaning Material Caustic SodaOxalic Acid For Marble GranitePigmento Vermelho FluorescenteBeverage Additives Citric Acidtitanium dioxide paint pigmentSodium And Potassium PhosphatePotassium Hydroxide Liquid 48%Sodium Dithionite 88% 90% Min.Carbopol 940 Carbomer For GelsIron Oxide S640 For Color SandIron Oxide Red Used For PavingPropylene Glycol Pg Food GradeIron Oxide for Tires DrivewaysLeather Use Formic Acid In IBCSHMP For Detergent AuxiliariesSodium Hexametaphosphate PriceFood Grade Glacial Acetic Acidcitric acid monohydrate powderIron Oxide 780 For Black Brickpoly aluminium chloride powderGlacial Acetic Acid For Dyeingpoly aluminium chloride liquidTech Grade Glacial Acetic AcidDelineador Sello High PigmentoCoating Usage Black Oxide S640polyacrylamide water treatmentCopper Sulphate Feed Grade 99%35% 50% Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2Citric Acid Anhydrous GranularSerise Carbon Black For Rubbersodium lauryl sulfate for salePlasticizer For PVC DINP 99.5%Petroleum Resin C5 Modified C9coconut shell activated carbonEnsign Citric Acid Monohydratebulk hydrogen peroxide near meWater Treatment Agent TCCA 90%Papermaking Aluminium SulphateCarbon Black for Chemicals UsePolyvinyl Butyral Resin PowderOxalic Acid 99.6% For CleaningC5 Petroleum Resin For PSA HMAwhere to buy iron oxide powdersodium formate industrial usesPigmento Microblading Da VinciIron Oxide S686 For Color SandHydrogen Peroxide H2O2 35% 50%Potassium Hydroxide In ShampooCitric Acid Anhydrous For FoodOrganic Acid Acetic Acid 99.8%chrome tanned leather for salewhere to buy hydrogen peroxideLauryl Ether Sulfate De SodiumCoating Usage Black Oxide S686Pigmentos De Ojos Al Por Mayor50% hydrogen peroxide for saletitanium dioxide pigment colorIron Oxide S310 For RubbermatsOxido De Hierro 130 From JinhePVC Resin SG5 For Flexible PVCPaste ResinP450 For PVC GlovesSodium Tripolyphosphate 94%mincitric acid monohydrate cas noPaste ResinP440 For PVC GlovesTITANIUM DIOXIDE TIPURE RUTILEDOTP Plasticizer CAS 6422-86-2Dioctyl Phthalate CAS 117-81-7High Quality Oxalic Acid 99.6%DOP 99.5% Plasticizer For PipeIron Oxide S310 For Color SandPolyaluminium Chloride PAC 30%Industrial Water Grade PAC 30%Polyaluminium Chloride PAC 28%Red Iron Oxide S4130 For PaintRed Iron Oxide S4130 For PaverPTO 99 Potassium Tetra OxalatePhosphoric Acid 75% Food GradeFood Grade Phosphoric Acid 75%PVC Resin SG5 Window Door PipePAC For Public Water TreatmentWhite Powder PVC Resin SG5 K67Iron Oxide Fe2O3 Color PigmentPVC Resin S1000 Paste EmulsionIron Oxide 4130 For RubbermatsWater Treatment Chemicals AlumFood Grade Phosphoric Acid 85%Aluminium Triphosphate PigmentIron Oxide 4130 For Color SandDihydrate Oxalic Acid 99.6%minPigment Yellow S310 Iron OxideGreen Oxide For Concrete PaverSodium Lauryl Sulfate ProduitsZeolite Clinoptilolite PremiumPhthalocyanine Green For PaintAnhydrous Aluminum Sulfate 17%Calcium Formate 98% Min PowderOil Soluble Polyacrylamide Pam98% Feed Grade Calcium Formate98% Tech Grade Calcium FormatePigment For Floor Ground PaintPVC Compound PVC Granule ResinIron Oxide For Concrete BlocksPVC Resin PVC Paste Resin P450Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid 96%High Purity Chrome Oxide GreenChrome Oxide Green For CeramicPVC Resin Paste Emulsion GradeFeed Grade Calcium Formate 98%Feed Grade 98% Calcium FormateTech Grade Calcium Formate 98%Chrome Green For Cement BricksIron Oxide 722 Colorant CementSG5 PVC Powder For Garden HoseBlack Iron Oxide 770 For PaverPVC Resin SG5 For Door WindowsPVC Paste Resin For Glue GlovePVC Resin For Non-food PackingBlack Iron Oxide 770 For PaintPolyvinyl Chloride PVC PlasticPVC Resin SG5 For ConstructionDichloroisocyanurate De SodiumEmulsion Grade PVC Paste ResinAnimal Feed Calcium Formate 98%epoxidized soybean oil purchasepoly aluminium chloride formulaIron Oxide Y101 Colorant CementIron Oxide S129 In ConstructionWhite PVC DOP Dioctyl PhthalatePetroleum Resin C5 For AdhesiveOrthophosphoric Acid Food GradeTitanium Dioxide Chemours R-706Food Phosphoric Acid Purity 85%Titanium Dioxide Chemours R-101Blue Iron Oxide S463 For CementFormic Acid Anhydrous Price 90%Iron Oxide S463 Colorant CementCitric Acid In 1000kg Bulk BagsWater Purification Tablets TCCAcaustic soda flakes applicationFormic Acid For Dyeing IndustryFood Grade H3PO4 Phosphate AcidPotassium Binoxalate For Marble94 Sodium Tripolyphosphate StppPlasticizer ESBO Industry GradeSodium Tripolyphosphate 94 P2o5Iron Oxide For Colored Red Sandcopper sulphate uses in animalsCoating Usage Yellow Oxide S310Carboxy Methyl Cellulose SodiumDioctyl Terephthalate SynthesisMulti-function TCCA 90% TabletsCarbon Black Cas No1333864 N330Iron Oxide Green S893 For PaintTitanium White for Rubber Pastehydrogenated hydrocarbon resinshydrophobic fumed silica powderCarbomer For Hydroalcoholic GelIron Oxide 130 For Rubber TrackBasic Chrome Sulphate BCS PriceZinc Chromate Vs Zinc PhosphateSodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate 2eoMulti-function Chlorine TabletsIron Oxide For Oil Paint PrimerSodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate Giasodium dichloroisocyanurate buy99.7% Diisononyl Phthalate DINPBlue Oxide 401 Powder For Paverblack iron oxide in supplementsIron Oxide Red 130 Rubber TilesCaustic Potash Industrial GradeCaustic Soda For Pulp And PaperPigment 313 920 Yellow 42 77492Diisononyl Phthalate DINP AgentDisposable Face Mask 3Ply MasksConcrete Pigment Iron Oxide RedDisposable Medical Face Mask CEDINP 99.5% Diisononyl PhthalateTrichloroisocyanuric Acid PriceIron Oxide S310 Colorant CementPIGMENTO DE DIÓXIDO DE TITANIOcaustic soda flakes price todaycaustic soda in water treatmentPlasticizer Dioctyl Adipate DOAHigh Purity Dioctyl Adipate DOADioctyl Adipate DOA PlasticizerCarbopol Ultrez 21 Carbomer 940White Flakes 90% Caustic PotashIron Oxide S314Colorant In CoatPolyvinyl Butyral Resin In FilmIron Oxide S314 Colorant CementGlacial Acetic Acid For TextileQilu PVC Resin S1000/S700/S1300Yipin Oxido De Hierro For MulchPropylene Glycol Price In IndiaNa2S2O4 Sodium Hydrosulfite 88%Red Oxide Oxido De Hierro YipinCAS 7775 14 6 Sodium DithionitePvc Paste Resin Pg680 Paper BagSodium Hydrosulfite Na2S2O4 90%3 Propylene Glycole Di AcrylateIron Oxide As Colorant In PaintSodium Laureth Sulfate For SoapPigment Red 101 Oxido De HierroPVC Resin For Chemical BuildingRaw Materials PVC Resin SG5 K67High Quality C5 Petroleum Resinpolyvinyl chloride price per kgOxido De Hierro Red For Plasticphosphoric acid food grade usesHydrophilic Silicon Dioxide 200Yipin Chocolate Oxido De HierroTransfer Sublimation Powder CMCLow Price Sodium Dithionite 90%Oxalic Acid For Leather Tanningdiisononyl phthalate cas numberCosmetic Raw Material CDEA 6501Lomon Billions Titanium DioxideHydrophilic Silicon Dioxide 380Sodium Dithionite 90% 7775-14-6Labsa 96 Detergent Raw MaterialPetroleum Hydrocarbons Resin C9Sodium Hydrosulphite Purity 88%STPP Sodium Tripolyphosphate 94Detergent Grade STPP 94% PowderIndustry Grade DOTP PlasticizerNanoscale Fumed Silicon DioxideSodium Carboxy Methyl CelluloseXINJIANG TIANYE BRAND PVC RESINSynthetic Cryolite Used As FluxDINP Diisononyl Phthalate 99.5%aluminum chloride anhydrous sdsTitanium Dioxide Rutile FactoryPhthalocyanine Green Iron GreenSTPP Sodium for Water Softeninglinear alkyl benzene sulphonateSio2 Fumed Silica For PaintingsPowder Coating On ThermoplasticFood Grade Propylene Glycol UspSodium Dithionite CAS 7775-14-6Aluminato De Estroncio Pigmentosmoking filter activated carbonTitanium Dioxide For Enamel UseSLES 70% For Detergent IndustryIndustrial Grade Sodium FormateZinc Aluminium TripolyphosphateOxido De Hierro S4130 For PaverOxido De Hierro 4130 For Marbleblue copper used in agricultureOxido De Hierro S4130 For PaintRutile Titanium R2195 For PanitSodium Tripolyphosphate In FoodCaustic Soda Flakes Pearls NaOHNa2s2o4 Sodium Dithionite PricePlastic PVC Resin K67 For DoorsRed Oxido Hierro 4130 For BrickRed Oxido De Hierro For CoatingTianye PVC Resin For Film Sheetdioctyl phthalate specificationPVC Resin SG8 For Hard ProductsDOTP Plasticizer C24H38O4 PriceRed Powder Oxido De Hierro 4130Chrome Yellow Pigment For PaintDINP Diisononyl Phthalate 99.9%Chrome Oxide Green For CeramicsSDIC Powder For Water TreatmentBlack Iron Oxide For Sale Fe2O3Iron Oxide 4130 Colorant CementChrome Yellow For Traffic PaintOxido De Hierro Yellow In PaintPotassium Tetroxalate Dihydratepolyvinyl chloride resin pricesGreen Chrome Oxide For Ceramicscitric acid monohydrate hs codewhere can i buy copper sulphatepolyaluminium chloride solutionTechnical Grade SLES 70% LiquidOxido De Hierro Colorant CementBlue Powder Indigo Blue Vat DyeSodium Hydrosulfite Na2S2O4 88%Chrome Oxide Yellow For PlasticChrome Yellow Pigment For GlassPigment Chrome Yellow For GlassLight Yellow C9 Petroleum ResinVat Dyes Phthalo Blue300% GreenCarbide Based PVC Resin SG5 SG3Zinc Phosphate Coating ChemicalOxido Pigmento For Colored SandIron Oxide Red 110 Color RubberPetroleum Pyrolysis C9 Fractionindustrial wastewater treatmentPAM Polyacrylamide For DrillingChrome Green Pigment for CementInorganic Pigment Chrome YellowHigh Purity Glacial Acetic Acidcdea uses in dishwashing liquidSodium Hydrosulfite 90% 88% 85%PVC Resin SG5 For Pipe IndustryPhosphate-Free Detergent PowderIron Oxide S640 Colorant Cement
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